What Really Happens in Darknet Markets

Marketing and strategy

Darknet markets also referred to as cryptomarkets are dark web sites were trading takes place, although, this time the market is characterized with high level of anonymity and illegal businesses. Principally, illegal transaction takes place in darknet market, though you are likely to comes across legal business transactions taking place. Majority of products trading in this market includes; stolen goods, bank accounts, information, pharmaceutical products and illegal drugs. Principally, the reason people opt for darknet markets is to buy and sell goods at affordable prices, more efficiently and importantly, evade the trouble of going via authorities to get permits

The platforms behind darknet markets

Cryptomarketsat this link are accessible through specific software and authorization, which often involve the use of non-standard communication protocol and ports. Common in this market is The onion router (Tor) through which participant can access the dark web url secretly without been monitored. Invisible Internet Project (I2P is another overlay that facilitate accessibility to darknet market anonymously. To ensure no one can trace you back, it necessitate those visiting the dark market to run VPN to conceal their identity further.

The flow of transactions

In this market, transactions take place via bitcoin using dark wallets to protect both the seller and the buyer. Dark wallets help in ensuring all transaction remain confidential and untraceable. To ensure both the parties are happy in the entire process, the payment is held by an escrow. The escrow ensures that by the time the seller receive the payment, the product has reached the buyer in good condition. In most cases the escrow makes the payment after the buyer has confirmed the deliver was done. Learn more about darknet marketing at http://www.ehow.com/how_4477504_market-website-free.html.

How do you get the product after purchase?

Remember anonymity has to be maintained from the first step to the final step, otherwise security enforcing agencies will get hold of you. To guarantee successful delivery of the purchased goods, both party agree on a specific place or point where the buyer will receive the product. In fact, in the whole chain, this is the only exposed link, the rest remain undisclosed. In the event the parties involved feel the current route the use is too risky, they may hire a post box, or to the extreme use one of the post box they don’t own but have access. When dealing with illegal products such as drugs, involved parties prefer using post boxes they don’t own, this reduce the risk of been found by the relevant authorities.

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